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Sewing and needlecrafts guide with information on sewing, sewing machines, sewing supplies,embroidery, quilting, needlepoint, crochet,knitting and cross-stitch. Learn the basics of each and find out which of these needle arts is right for you.


Which are the most requested needlecrafts?

Have been searching and the most popular needle crafts are....

#1 Sewing
#2 Quilting
#3 Embroidery
#4 Crochet
#5 Knitting
#6 Needlepoint
#7 Cross-stitch

In my opinion, cross-stitch was the easiest to learn but, no the prettiest. I would have to say, that quilting was definately the hardest for me to pick-up and get the hang of but, when you quilt an item, it is something that can be saved and passed down thru the family for years.

These are all easy and fun to learn. You can get the supplies practically anywhere! Be sure to visit my website for tips, directions and a background history on each craft.

Go ahead, "Discover just how creative you are."


Blackwork, Whitework, Crewelwork, Its not what you think

Well, this title sounds like work for different types of people!

Blackwork, whitework, crewelwork and stumpwork. These terms are actually referencing types of embroidery. Yes, thats right, embroidery. Just thought embroidery was a needle and thread and some stitching? What is embroidery? Glad you asked!

Embroidery is an ancient craft. Used for many years strictly for ornamental purposes. Embroidery was once made with course cloth and a bone needle. It has grown into a favorite past time of many crafters today. One of its most well known uses has been on beautiful silk robes worn by Chinese royalty.

This is a beautiful craft and I encourage you to explore and learn this creative endevour.

To learn all about embroidery and other popular needlecafts visit my site at:
Sewing It All.com

V. Phillips

Knitting Instructions - Before you begin

Have you started your first knitting project yet? Did you go get all your supplies, got home, opened the knitting instructions book and said, huh?

There are a few things you need to know before you start your first knitting project. You should brush up on knitting abbreviations and terms, learn how to read yarn labels, know how to pick the correct size knitting needle and of course, know how to take care of your project while your knitting it and how to care for it after your done with it.

In the knitting instructions section of my needlecrafts site, you will learn all of the above and much more. The lessons are quick simple and to the point. Enjoy!

"Discover just how creative you are"
V. Phillips


Crochet Thread vs. Crochet Yarn

Crochet Thread or Crochet Yarn,

Personally, I thought it was the same thing! Crochet thread was actually used many, many years ago around the beginning of crochet. It was used for lacy motifs and fine lacing as it is today. However, since crochet has branched out to sweaters, covers and other large items, a thicker thread became more convienant. Hence, we have yarn. Yarns are made today of various ply and materials appropriate for different crochet projects. You can read up on the various types of crochet thread and crochet yarn among other interesting crochet basics and needlecrafts instructions, by visiting my site.

"Discover just how creative you are"
V. Phillips
Sewing It All.com

Just Any 'Ole Crochet Needle?

Just Any 'Ole Crochet Needle?

Sure, thats what you think when you decide your going to go for your very first crochet project! "I'll just run down to the store and grab a crochet hook and yarn and get started!" We'll, when you get to the store you are over-whelmed by all the choices of needles. Steel, plastic, aluminum, wood, bamboo and even hooks made of milk protein!

Then, there are conversion charts that show you different size hooks you should use, U.S., Canadian and U.K.. Then to top it off, throw in the 'ole metric system. After all of this, your ready to just scratch up the idea of creating anything! Just grab a candy bar at the counter and go home and watch TV.

Just take one step at a time, decide on what you want to make and the type of yarn you will be using. Sometimes a hook size is listed on the label of the yarn. Use this as a starting point. However, it is essential to obtain the gauge stated in a pattern.

Plan on taking the time to read up on crochet by reading crochet basics and come familiar with the abbreviations and various hook types and sizes. Take your time, there is no hurry. After all learning to crochet is supposed to be a relaxing experience. Don't be afraid of all the directions, just "jump in there and get started!"

To learn some basics on crochet and various crochet hooks visit my site a sewingitall.com. There you can learn about several different needlecrafts and I have an extensive list and explanations of all the crochet hooks.


Sewing Memories with my Mother

What My Mother Taught Me about Sewing:

I'm the person I am today because of my mother. I enjoy needlecrafts and being creative because of my mother. I can remember watching my mother sew and would try to duplicate what she was doing. Even now when I sew or cross stitch, I reflect back to memories I have of my mother, just like it was yesterday. Those were "real moments". Children don't remenber the things you buy them or all the toys they had when they were little but, amazing enough they will remember the times that you shared with them. Memories as little as sitting on a porch with them or baking their favorite treat or sitting and teaching them to sew.

My daughter is a very active little girl. When I sat with her and we sewed butterflies made of felt and decorated them with sequins and glitter, she was so enlighted and enjoyed every minute of it! It was then that I saw the same look her eyes that were in mine when I watched my mother. Wow! It was overwhelming. Its hard to take the time these days to enjoy crafts and even spend time your your children. But, if you can just realize how much it means to them, you will find the time.

What memories do you want your children to have of you once your gone forever from their life?

If you want to learn which needlecrafts would best fit your lifestyle or which would be the easiest to learn with your child, you can go to my site a read about the various needlecrafts available to you.


Can sewing reduce stress?

I have always involved myself in some sort of needlecraft. Whether it be cross-stitch, crochet, sewing, embroidery or whatever sparked my interest. Whenever feeling overwhelmed with everyday stress', I would crave a nice quite spot in which I could sail away into my own little world of crafting. When taking the time to work on a project, I would find myself relaxing and being in the moment. At times my mind would race through all the things that were bothering me. With each stitch I would find a solution to all my worries. It seems that when you work so intently on something, you are allowing yourself to slow down and take the time to analyze what you need to do to be happier. Kind of like the 'ole phrase, "take the time to smell the roses."

Life comes and goes so fast. We all need to "slow" down just a little. We seem to be in such a rush. Another day, gone! Do you really relax anymore? If not, find a hobby, what ever it may be, slow down, relax, and be in the moment. Your reward comes to you when you feel at ease and feel proud about the creation you have just made with your own hands.

Sewing It All offers information on learning the basic of needlecrafts and sewing. Why not start now!